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"For their future"

"for their future"

what does this mean? 

inspired by our little customers in our retail store, "for their future" came from our goal of doing our part to give our kids a cleaner, healthier and happier world. 

through this goal, we are not only making changes to our business internally, but we are also encouraging and teaching our community and vendors about how they can also be improving our little one(s) futures!

Bowfish Kids

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our mission started with 5 main goals: 
1. stop using microplastics and switch to biodegradable glitter
2. limit our Co2 footprint by switching to solar panels
3. focus on carrying sustainable brands
4. become a NJ certified sustainable business
5. support local & global action campaigns 

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Bowfish studios

to see our up to date progress on our goals

we are challenging the beauty industry and creatively adapting our salon to reflect a more sustainable business. Some of our recent strides are: 
  • using only biodegradable glitter
  • switching single use applicators to cotton & paper materials
  • adopting a hair supply brand that provides us refill stations for hairspray, detangler, & hair gel
  • using only biodegradable brushes & combs
& more! 

there are still many challenges that we will face as we push the beauty industry in a more sustainable direction. 

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alongside of hosting visiting business people in need of workspaces, driftspaces also hosts many events. 
within the events, we provide customers with reusable plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery. 

we also encourage partnering with other vendors that have the same visions that we do. 

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